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Service and Website Terms and Conditions of Use

Last Updated: 10/01/2023

By accessing and using this Website, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this Website.

1. Acceptance of Terms

By using this Website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as our Privacy Policy.

2. Changes to Terms

Water Bear Sciences reserves the right to modify or revise these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting on the Website. It is your responsibility to review these terms periodically for updates.

3. Use of Content

  • All content provided on this Website is for informational purposes only. It may not be used for any commercial or unlawful purpose.
  • You may not modify, reproduce, or distribute any content from this Website without prior written consent from Water Bear Sciences.

4. Scope of Services

WaterBear Sciences LLC (“the Company”) specializes in providing consultative services within sectors of scientific industry and regulatory affairs. Our expertise is rooted in a thorough understanding of the intricacies and nuances of these fields. We make every effort to ensure the accuracy and relevance of our services and content. However, the dynamic nature of the industry means that information and practices may evolve rapidly.

Clients are advised to thoroughly review the terms and conditions set forth and seek legal counsel if needed, to ensure full understanding and agreement before engaging with our services.

5. Exclusion of Legal Representation:

The Company is not a legal entity and does not provide legal services or representation. While we offer professional advice and consultation in our areas of expertise, our services should not be construed as legal advice or guidance. Our services, while grounded in professional acumen, are not a substitute for legal advice. Clients are urged to consult with a qualified legal professional for any legal concerns or decisions.

6. Intellectual Property:

All content, documentation, methodologies, processes, graphical representations, trademarks, and other materials supplied, developed, or otherwise disseminated by the Company are and shall remain the exclusive property of WaterBear Sciences. This encompasses, but is not limited to, both materials explicitly provided to clients and proprietary knowledge and strategies employed by the Company during the delivery of services. Any content, documentation, or other materials provided to clients by the Company remain the intellectual property of WaterBear Sciences unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Clients and visitors are hereby notified that unauthorized duplication, reproduction, distribution, or modification of any materials or intellectual property belonging to the Company is strictly prohibited. Such actions may violate copyright, trademark, and other proprietary rights of the Company.

The Company reserves the right to pursue legal remedies in the event of any unauthorized use or infringement of its intellectual property. Additionally, the Company may, at its discretion, stipulate specific terms and conditions regarding the use or dissemination of its intellectual property in formal agreements or contracts with clients or partners.

While the Company may occasionally reference, employ, or collaborate using third-party intellectual properties, this does not imply ownership or rights over such properties, unless explicitly stated in a written agreement. Clients are advised to respect all intellectual property rights when interacting with or utilizing the services of the Company.

7. Assurances & Outcomes

The Company provides services based on professional knowledge and understanding of the current landscape. Due to the rapidly changing nature of the industry, recommendations and information we provide today may not remain relevant or accurate in the future.

The Company endeavors to deliver services of the highest caliber, drawing from contemporary knowledge and practices. However, the company makes no representations or warranties regarding the outcome or results of any services provided.

Success cannot be guaranteed, and past performance is not indicative of future results. Companies, individuals, and other entities are responsible for their own outcomes not WaterBear Sciences LLC.

8. Indemnification and Liability Limitations:

The Company, inclusive of its affiliates, representatives, agents, directors, and all associated personnel, shall not be held accountable for any consequential, incidental, indirect, exemplary, punitive, or special damages. Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable for loss of profits, business interruptions, reputational harm, or any indirect or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with our services.

You agree to indemnify and hold WaterBear Sciences LLC and its affiliates, officers, employees, and agents harmless from any claims, losses, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses, including attorney’s fees, arising out of your use of the Website or violation of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Additionally, in no event shall WaterBear Sciences LLC be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected with your use of or inability to use the Website.

9. Monetary Limitation

In any event, should the Company be found liable for any reason, such liability shall be limited to the total fees paid by the client to the Company for the specific service from which the claim arises, and not for any additional amounts. 

10. Dynamic Industry Considerations: 

The sectors in which the Company operates are characterized by their fluidity and rapid evolution. Technological advancements, regulatory shifts, new scientific findings, and industry practices can emerge and transform the landscape in swift succession.

In light of this inherent volatility, while the Company employs its best efforts to maintain an updated knowledge base and provides information and recommendations based on its current understanding, clients should be aware that what is considered current and best practice today may not retain its validity or relevance in the near future.

While the Company strives to offer advice, strategies, and services based on the most current understanding and best practices available, the Company does not warrant or guarantee that the recommendations or services will remain valid or applicable in perpetuity. We cannot be held responsible for future changes in industry standards, regulations, scientific knowledge, or market conditions that might render previous advice or strategies obsolete or less effective.

The Company expressly disclaims any and all liability for decisions or actions taken by clients based on the information, consultation, or recommendations provided. Clients are strongly encouraged to continuously verify and cross-reference any information or advice received from the Company, especially before making significant decisions or commitments.

Further, the Company shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, or other damages, including but not limited to financial repercussions, that arise from the client’s reliance on the provided information or services, even if the information or services are found to be outdated or no longer applicable.

It is the responsibility of the client to be proactive and adaptive, recognizing the changing nature of the industry, and to seek additional consultations or expert opinions as they deem necessary.

12. Reliance On Provided Information

The Company delivers its services based upon the accuracy and completeness of the data and information shared by the client, as well as insights derived from reputable public sources.

The responsibility for ensuring the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of all data and information provided to the Company rests with the client. We design our strategies, recommendations, and interventions based on the premise that the information we receive is both accurate and exhaustive. The Company shall not be held liable for inaccuracies, misrepresentations, or omissions in such information or for recommendations made or actions taken based on such information.

Further, the decisions and actions taken by the client based on our services should be informed by their own independent assessment and discretion. The Company is not liable for ramifications stemming from decisions made solely on the information provided or our recommendations.

Clients are encouraged to utilize our insights in conjunction with other resources and professional advice to arrive at well-rounded and informed conclusions.

13. Commitment to Confidentiality and Excellence

The Company acknowledges the critical importance of maintaining the confidentiality of information entrusted to us by our clients. It is our paramount responsibility to safeguard all proprietary data, intellectual insights, project details, and any other sensitive information shared during the course of our engagements. We employ stringent security measures, both electronic and procedural, to ensure that your information remains protected against unauthorized access, dissemination, or misuse.

Parallel to our commitment to confidentiality is our relentless pursuit of excellence. We pride ourselves on the quality and precision of our services. Every engagement, consultation, and project we undertake is approached with an unwavering dedication to achieving superior outcomes. Our team continuously strives for improvement, staying abreast of industry advancements and refining our methodologies to ensure that we not only meet but exceed client expectations.

By merging our adherence to confidentiality with our quest for excellence, WaterBear Sciences aims to foster a relationship built on trust, integrity, and unmatched professional quality. Your success and peace of mind are integral to our own, and we are deeply committed to upholding these pillars throughout our collaboration.

14. Affiliation & Third-Party Services:

The Company may from time-to-time work in collaboration with affiliates—entities, organizations, or individuals that have a strategic partnership or alignment with our company. While these affiliations are established based on a mutual commitment to quality and professionalism, the Company cannot assume or guarantee the conduct, services, or representations made by these affiliates.

Furthermore, the Company may provide referrals or links to other professionals or third-party resources. The Company is not responsible for the content, accuracy, or services of these third-party entities, and inclusion of any referral or link does not imply endorsement or recommendation.

15. Governing Jurisdiction

This disclaimer and all services rendered by WaterBear Sciences are to be interpreted in congruence with the laws of the state of Florida. Any and all disputes arising from this disclaimer or associated services fall under the jurisdiction of Florida’s legal institutions.

16. User Registration

Some areas of the Website may require you to register an account. You agree to provide accurate and complete information when registering and to keep your account information up to date.

17. Disclaimer of Warranties

The Website and its content are provided “as is” without any warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement.

18. Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms and Conditions of Use, please contact us at info@waterbearsciences.com.

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